Learning is Essential

Learning a subject can end up being very boring at times, but this week during Spanish boring was completely out of the equation. Instead of sitting down and doing worksheets, we wrote words on a dry-erase board with pictures to go along with them. This was definitely a change of pace to what normally goes on through the school year. I believe that this new way of learning succeeds in allowing us to remember more of what we learn. Learning is key to graduating, and this new energetic system is, in my opinion, the most effective way to learn Spanish.


First Week Back to School

I have really enjoyed this first week of school for my junior year. The classes I have during my schedule are perfect. They are much more challenging this year, which is great for building up my readiness for college. I believe my academic skills will be strengthened from the classes this year, and that is just what I need for the future.

My About Me

I am currently in the 11th grade at White Oak High School. Math and Science UIL has been great for me during my high school career. I participate in Number Sense and Science events. I also love playing on the WOHS golf team. I plan on following my brother’s footsteps and attend college at the University of Texas in Austin. The Texas Longhorns are my true passion, and once I move to Austin for college, I plan to live in Austin for the rest of my life. I particularly love the uniqueness of the city, and I am very hopeful that I find a spot for my dream job, becoming a radiologist, in Austin.